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About the artist


Born in Ipoh, Malaysia, Gee is a trained sculptor and artist. Art to her is an inner need and she has pursued it for close to three decades now. Her training was completed under the acclaimed Turkish sculptor Seyhun Topuz and Irfan Korkmazlar in Turkey from 1990 to 1993.​

Subsequently, she learnt drawing and sculpting from award-winning painters and sculptors Jean Marc Lange and Jacqueline Deyme in Paris where she lived from 1993 to 1995.

Gee’s sculptures have been exhibited widely in Istanbul, Paris, and Jakarta. She has also had numerous exhibitions in Singapore since 2000 at venues including the Alliance Française, the Art Loft at Volvo, and subsequently at Geeleinan gallery when it was established in 2006 in the Wessex district and that Gee ran until her departure to Papua New Guinea.


Having lived in Asia for a greater part of her life, Gee finds her inspiration in the colours, objects, and people of Asia. Her paintings reflect her lived experience, memories both varied and deeply felt. These are conveyed with strong tones, layered textures, and swift strokes. Gee work almost exclusively with her palette knife, to apply colours and then take them off, very much like sculpting with clay. This gives her paintings distinctive depth and creates evocative surfaces that seem to unravel slowly over time.

Equally accomplished and even more expressive are Gee’s sculptures. The flowing, smooth lines of the sculptures give the suggestion of movement. The limbs of the figures bend resulting in supple, almost poetic forms, delicate and striking at once. A series of sculptures inspired by maternal love is particularly poignant.

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